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The complaint procedure is outlined here or in the CEPNZ Standards document.

Please ensure that you include the following information in your complaint.

  1. The names of all of the people involved, including any witnesses;

  2. The date(s) that the incident(s) occurred;

  3. The place(s) where the incident(s) occurred;

  4. A detailed description of what happened including the particular factors that led to the complaint;

  5. Whether the practitioner has been informed of complaint and if so, his/her response;

  6. Any additional information that will assist an investigation.

Upon receipt of a complaint, if the letter does not contain the following information, the Secretary will request missing information so that the following is available to the Board and the Complaints Tribunal

Letters of complaint can be sent to the Secretary of CEPNZ at the following address.


Clinical Exercise Physiology New Zealand Incorporated

c/o ExerScience Clinic PO Box 8751

Symonds Street

Auckland 1150


Or use the form below to send a complaint to the Secretary of CEPNZ.

Complainant Name *

Email *


Thanks! Message sent.

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