The foundation Board of CEPNZ was established in November 2012. Four members were nominated and voted onto the CEPNZ Board. Members undertook to grow this Board and ratified the society rules (lodged with the Companies Office)  establishing an incorporated society. In accordance with the rules of the society, elections of officers will be carried out annually.


The current CEPNZ Board Members are:

Stephen is a Principal Academic Staff Member in the Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance at Wintec (since 2000). He is the course leader for the postgraduate diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Stephen has over 20 years experience as an academic and practitioner in the field of Clinical Exercise Physiology, in South Africa and New Zealand. He has been actively involved in programmes and clinics in cardiac and musculoskeletal exercise rehabilitation. Stephen has been involved in leading and establishing the Wintec Biokinetic Clinic, which provides clinical exercise physiology services for clients with musculoskeletal conditions, cardiovascular disease as well as for clients with diabetes.

Shohn is senior Clinical Exercise Physiologist at UCOL’s U-Kinetic Clinic in Palmerston North and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of exercise physiology and how regular supervised exercise can be used to enhance one’s quality of life. Originally from South Africa, where he gained 10 years’ experience working at the University of Johannesburg’s Institute for Biokinetics and Sport Science (South Africa’s equivalent to Clinical Exercise Physiology) - using various modes of exercise as therapy to patients of all ages presenting with various medical conditions. Shohn arrived in NZ and joined UCOL in 2010 to teach on the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science programme and has been involved at the U-Kinetics clinic since its inception in 2012. He enjoys finding innovative ways to help both patients and students understand and appreciate the wonderful workings of the human body. Now his role is to guide students in applying their theoretical knowledge to working with real-life patients that have multiple high-risk health issues. Shohn is currently enrolled as a PhD Candidate and conducting research on the impact of exercise intensity on diabetic control.

Lynette is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise at Massey University (Since 2009). She teaches in the Exercise Prescription and Training Major. Lynette is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and has experience in research with primary patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. She is an active researcher in the area of cardiovascular exercise and health and has recently finished a study examining upper and lower body exercise in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. She plans to further her research pathways, by undertaking future research investigating cardiovascular exercise in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Saskia completed a Masters in Physical Education at the University of Otago, with her research focusing on Exercise Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Survivors. Following this, Saskia spent five years working for the Department of Exercise Sciences at the University of Auckland and was involved in delivering the postgraduate Clinical Exercise Physiology programme. Saskia then took a role as the Assistant Clinic Manager of The ExerScience Clinic which opened in central Auckland at the end of 2016. Saskia has recently left this role following the arrival of her daughter. As Chair of the Professional Affairs Committee for CEPNZ, Saskia hopes to contribute to the development and awareness of Clinical Exercise Physiology in New Zealand.


Stacey is Program Director for the Health & Performance Clinic and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Exercise Sciences at the University of Auckland. He is a clinical exercise physiologist with research interests in both vascular physiology and the use of prescriptive exercise to treat exercise intolerance in health and disease. He earned a PhD in human physiology from the Department of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada. He also completed post-doctoral training in cerebrovascular physiology in the Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine University of Vermont, USA. Prior to coming to the University of Auckland, he was the Director of the Chronic Illness Research Institute and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He has been a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology since 1996 serving as a Master Examiner for the certification program as well as serving on the national CPT certification committee. He is a member of Exercise is Medicine Canada.

Hannah is the manager of The Centre for Health, an integrative health and research centre in Tauranga. Hannah completed her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology as part of the inaugural Masters class at the University of Auckland in 2013. She then moved to Tauranga and works alongside Dr Anna Rolleston as part of an integrative team delivering clinical exercise physiology services and programmes both within the Tauranga community and throughout New Zealand. Hannah helps the delivery and undertakes the assessments and supervision of several research projects undertaken both at the clinic and in the wider community. 

Eleanor is the Clinic Manager and Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP-CEPNZ & RCEP-ACSM) at The ExerScience Clinic in Auckland. Eleanor completed a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Auckland with her research focusing on Exercise Rehabilitation for Pacific Island Adolescents with Metabolic Syndrome. After working for a couple of years in corporate health screening Eleanor began researching and developing The ExerScience Clinic in Grafton, Auckland. As part of the legislative subcommittee Eleanor hopes to contribute toward gaining better access for the NZ public to receive Clinical Exercise Physiology services.

Matt is a lecturer for the School of Sport and Recreation AUT and manager of the AUT Millennium Human Potential Clinic, providing clinical exercise physiology services for the Auckland community. Matt has been involved in numerous occupational, environmental, clinical and sports physiology research projects. He has a special interest in improving exercise related processes for managing clinical clients in the New Zealand medical and fitness industries, working with large organisations to improve patient care. Matt’s current focus is on the delivery of innovative models of cardiac and cancer rehabilitation

Megan is the director and co-founder of Optimize Health; a community-based specialised exercise service for disease prevention and rehabilitation. Megan completed her Masters of Science at the University of Auckland. Her research focused on the effects of healthy aging and cardiovascular disease on skin blood flow during exercise. Following her Masters, Megan worked in the University of Auckland Health and Rehabilitation Clinic and was in charge of teaching an undergraduate exercise prescription course. Alongside her work at the university, she and her business partner Catherine Moss worked on developing Optimize Health in Mission Bay and Henderson, Auckland. Megan is very excited to help develop CEP in New Zealand, and looks forward to seeing it grow!


Hannah is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP ACSM & CEPNZ) at Axis Sports Medicine Specialists. Hannah completed her Masters in CEP at The University of Auckland with her dissertation focusing on the characterisation of the acute cardiopulmonary responses of older adults with and without Ischaemic Heart Disease during high intensity interval training sessions. Since then she has worked at The University of Auckland in a clinical teaching role and in corporate health screening before taking up a position at Axis. Part of her role involves managing Axis’ Concussion Clinic as well as working to establish a new rehabilitation clinic for the group, where exercise testing and active rehabilitation form an integral part of medical management for patients with varying conditions and diseases. Hannah believes that CEP’s are hugely important to the implementation of the ‘exercise is medicine’ concept, and should be an easily accessible and valuable point of call for referrers. Hannah is committed to furthering this endeavour and supporting other CEP’s working within other healthcare settings.

Tyler is a Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland. After completing his MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2013, he worked in the Health and Rehabilitation Clinic at the university, teaching in the postgraduate CEP programme. He is now teaching exercise prescription for undergraduate students while he completes his PhD. Tyler is not a board member but provides administrative support to the board of CEPNZ and is the first point of contact for any queries about the organisation. You can contact Tyler at info@cepnz.org.nz


Megan Reyden (Optimize Health)

Hannah Crosswell (Axis Sports Medicine Specialists)

Hannah Lowe (The Centre for Health)

Acting Co-Chair of Research Education, and Professional Affairs Subcommittee

Stephen Burden (Wintec)


Saskia van den Ende 

Co-Chair of Research, Education, and Professional Affairs Subcommittee

Lynette Hodges (Massey University)

Co-Chair of Research, Education, and Professional Affairs Subcommittee

Shohn Wormgoor (Universal College of Learning)


Stacey Reading (University of Auckland)


Eleanor Nattrass (The ExerScience Clinic)

Chair of Governance and Legislative Subcommittee

Matt Wood (Auckland University of Technology)

Tyler Elliott (University of Auckland)

Administrative Secretary

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