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A clinical exercise physiologist can be defined as an individual who specialises in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programmes for the prevention, management and rehabilitation of chronic conditions and diseases, and injuries.

  • A clinical exercise physiologist provides individualised and specialised exercise and lifestyle education for clients/patients across a wide spectrum of health, from the apparently healthy to those with diagnosed conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, or chronic pain or injury.

  • The clinical exercise physiologist plays an important role in a multi-disciplinary team by providing specialised exercise testing, exercise programming and client/patient education (within their professional scope of practice) in conjunction with other medical and allied health professionals.

  • In the New Zealand context there is, under the Treaty of Waitangi, a commitment to Maori Health, Pacific Health,and the multi-cultural NZ population.



We as a board and members of the society believe that the future of Clinical Exercise Physiology in New Zealand is best served with an alignment to the Allied Health workforce, and will work to position the profession as such. We also believe that our primary driver is to deliver services to New Zealanders first (and in particular with our commitments under the Treaty of Waitangi) and to then work towards portability internationally. 


CEPNZ has a governance group (the CEPNZ Board) that is working to establish a professional community of like thinking Clinical Exercise Physiologists, or other interested parties, that have a vested interest in growing this discipline area. New board members are elected when a vacancy is available at the Annual General Meeting.

The Current Board Members are:

Lynette Hodges - Chair

Stacey Reading - Secretary

Hannah Lowe - Treasurer

Eleanor Nattrass

Matthew Wood 

Megan Reyden

Amy Pearce

Gareth Carter

Further information on the CEPNZ board with short bios can be found here.

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