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Clinical Exercise Physiology New Zealand (CEPNZ) was established in 2013 to advocate for and promote the emerging Allied Health workforce of Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP) in New Zealand. This followed several years of planning by a steering committee and the foundation Board members. A key outcome of CEPNZ was to establish a nationally recognised CEP accreditation pathway that also had international portability.  



CEPNZ set out to achieve the following:

  • Achieve critical mass by establishing a foundation membership (completed 2013) and to then establish a permanant membership structure (completed January 2015).

  • Establish a CEP Registration pathway that is recognised by stakeholders as the industry standard by early 2015.

  • Showcase clinical exercise physiology in New Zealand to inform our Allied Health, nursing, and medical workforce colleagues of our role. This includes:

                     - Research

                     - Practitioner profiles

                     - On-going Professional development opportunities

  • Advocate for the discipline with stakeholders and consumers

  • Keeping members informed though the CEPNZ website


CEPNZ was officially accepted as a Registered Incorporated Society in January 2013. A key part of the role of the founding CEPNZ Board was to establish a Scope of Practice document and a process to achieve this. A draft Scope of Practice was established in 2013 and this was discussed and finessed by CEPNZ board and members who were asked to provide feedback. The draft document was then accepted by the Board in 2014 and was then opened up for stakeholder feedback and consultation in early 2015. Minor adjustments were made to the scope document and it was then ratified at the CEPNZ Board Meeting in June 2015. Further changes were approved at the CEPNZ Board meeting in June 2017.

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