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CEPNZ registration requires at least 500 hours of documented clinical training completed while enrolled in a tertiary institution's CEP programme.

The diagnoses covered are: cardiac, metabolic, pulmonary, musculoskeletal/orthopaedic, neurological, neuromuscular, chronic pain and fatigue, cancer, immune, haematological, psychological, chronic kidney disease, renal dialysis and renal transplant patients, and pre-and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Applicants must submit evidence of clinical experience hours when registering. The board will consider institute specific log books or applicants can fill out this form. Evidence must be signed off by a clinical supervisor.

Hours can be logged from the following activities

Pre-exercise assessment and testing

Exercise prescription

Supervising client/patients’ exercise sessions

Post-exercise programme assessment

Providing reports to referrers

Delivery of formal education classes to condition-specific groups of clinic clients/patients.

Hours observing other perform these activities cannot be counted.

Hours can only be claimed from activities where the applicant has worked with clinical populations, not healthy individuals.

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