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Clinical Exercise Physiology New Zealand have adopted a modified version of the NZ Medical Association’s Code of Ethics. The NZMA Code can be obtained here.


The following is a summary, edited to make the Code relevant to exercise physiologists registered with CEPNZ.


Abide with the spirit of the code of professional conduct and ethical procedure of CEPNZ. All clinical exercise physiologists registered with CEPNZ, including those who may not be engaged directly in clinical practice, will acknowledge and accept the following Principles of Ethical Behaviour:

  1. Consider the health and well-being of the client/patient to be your first priority.

  2. Respect the rights, autonomy and freedom of choice of the client/patient.

  3. Avoid exploiting the client/patient in any manner and adhere to honest and fair marketing practices.

  4. Practice the science and art of clinical exercise physiology to the best of your ability with moral integrity, compassion and respect for human dignity.

  5. Protect the client’s/patient's private information throughout his/her lifetime and following death, unless there are overriding considerations in terms of public interest or client safety.

  6. Strive to improve your knowledge and skills so that the best possible advice and treatment can be offered to the client/patient.

  7. Continue their professional development.

  8. Adhere to the scientific basis of clinical exercise physiology practice while acknowledging the limits of current knowledge.

  9. Honour the clinical exercise physiology profession, including its values and its principles, in ways that best serve the interests of the client/patient.

  10. Recognise your own limitations and the special skills of others in the prevention and treatment of disease.

  11. Accept a responsibility to assist in the protection and improvement of the health of the community.

  12. Accept a responsibility to advocate for adequate resourcing of clinical exercise physiology services.

  13. Accept a responsibility for maintaining the standards of the profession.

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